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Preventive Maintenance

40-Point Preventive Maintenance Program – Calvex contributes years of practical knowledge with this maintenance program. We can anticipate the needs of your chambers by tracking and documenting the critical system components and their working order, every time we look them over, further reducing downtime, decreasing emergency service calls and alarms.

Condensing Unit/Plenum Check-out:

• Check refrigerant charge

• Check compressor oil level

• Check system operating pressures

• Check CPR pressure setting

• Check capillary tubes do not rub

• Verify no oil traces are present

• Verify no leaks are present

• Clean the condenser coils if needed

• Measure compressor voltage/amps

• Measure crankcase heater voltage/amps

• Measure condenser fan voltage/amps

• Check for any abnormal noise or vibration

Control Panel Check-out:

• Verify there are no loose wires

• Measure voltage/amps for all motors

• Measure voltage/amps for all heaters

• Verify all alarms function properly

• Verify the window heaters are operational

• Verify the door heaters are operational

• Verify the chamber ceiling lights and light switch are operational

Desiccant Dryer Check-out:

• Verify no Fault indications exist on front panel and that no lights are burned out

• Check the React Outlet air temperature

• Verify proper operation of damper actuators

• Verify proper rotation of drive motor

• Verify Process Air Blower is operational

• Inspect desiccant wheel for any dirt or debris

• Inspect the desiccant wheel gaskets for wear

• Clean the Process Air Filter

• Check for any abnormal noise or vibration

Humidifier Check-out:

• Verify proper operation of the safety switch

• Verify proper operation of fill float

• Verify proper operation of the low water

float (heater safety)

• Verify proper operation of the fill solenoid

• Measure each heater voltage/amps

• Remove any scale build-up inside the steam humidifier

• Check water supply pressure

• Verify the gasket is not damaged or deteriorated

• Check for any leaks or signs of corrosion

We work hard so you don’t have to…

“We needed a technical solution for our photostability chamber when the lights didn’t go on. So we called Calvex and they got the lights on and calibrated too! For electronics experts, heating and cooling specialists, mastery of test equipment, and compliance with GMP documentation, Calvex is second to none in their expertise and delivery. Calvex is on time, every time, even in rush situations. I can highly recommend Calvex for all your qualification and validation needs.”

Terry Hopper

Director, CMC Analytical, ABC Laboratories

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