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New Announcement!

Calvex now utilizes the industry-leading Calibration Management System (CMS) provided by Prime Technologies, called ProCalV5, to manage all aspects of our instrument calibration workflow! Ask to see our new calibration form that showcases As-Found and As-Left instrument calibration data.

ProCalV5 helps Calvex provide calibration programs for our customers which are focused on the individual components of your chambers that are calibrated to the manufacturer’s recommended tolerances; these tolerances are more precise and will ensure that your chamber does not exceed the ICH guidelines. By customizing each instrument calibration within ProCalV5, Calvex can offer calibration programs that are tailored to fit your needs, such as single-point, loop calibrations, or verifications.

Our standard calibration procedure encompasses a three-point “as-found” calibration verification. The “as-found” readings are documented and verified to be within the manufacturer’s tolerance. The device is then returned to service.

If any instrument exceeds the tolerance, we will promptly notify you so that you may take the necessary steps to document the occurrence.

Additionally, if the “as-found” readings are not within the manufacturer’s tolerance, the instrument is calibrated using the manufacturer’s calibration procedure. After calibration, the instrument “as-left” readings are documented using the same three points from the calibration verification to verify the instrument is reading with-in the manufacturer’s tolerance.

Our calibrations are done by trained specialists adhering to the highest standards of quality and accuracy. All calibrations are traceable to NIST Standards. Clients have trusted our experience to calibrate controllers, sensors, recorders, monitoring systems and more from manufacturers like:

• Honeywell

• Bahnson ES

• Eurotherm


• ThermoForma

• Caron

• HotPack

• Partlow

• Rees

• Rotronic

• Revco

• Darwin Chambers

• Vaisala

• Tecnologic

• Wecksler

• West

• Cobex


Monitoring System Calibrations,

Installations, Repairs, and Upgrades

We’ve worked with a wide variety of Monitoring Systems on the market. By working with the system manufacturer and identifying your needs, we can provide a unique and balanced approach to installing and maintaining your monitoring system.

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